Baltic Spedition is a strong and constantly growing company in the transport and forwarding market. Headquarters of our company is located in central Poland, in the city of Ciechanów.

As the main goal of our activity, we consider to support our partners in their business activities,by providing transport and forwarding services at the highest possible level. We believe that partnership in business is based on such foundations as transparency, trust and mutual benefit. By acting in accordance with these values we strive for excellence in our activity. Our team consists of professional, ambitious and full of passionate people, with experience in many areas of the economy. This makes us perfectly understand the business and we know that regardless of its subject and scale, the key success factor is always a satisfied customer. To follow this principle, we guarantee that each one of your orders will be treated with full engagement, and each shipment will arrive at the right place in the right form and in set time. Thanks to this approach, we are sure that our partners gain an excellent reputation in the eyes of their customers, which we also consider as our success.


  • Loads of neutral cargo, as well as ADR one, with weight from 1 kg to 24 tons
  • More than one hundred transport units at our partner's disposal, ready to be loaded immediately in every place of Europe
  • Organizing of dedicated transport, in accordance with customer’s request
  • Comprehensive documentation service throughout the entire process of transportation
  • Service of both express deliveries-time-critical as well as standard ones
  • Cooperation at the highest level with a company that holds a license to perform transport and freight services
  • Pick up of your goods from anywhere in Europe within two hours
  • Monitoring of your cargo 24 hours a day
  • Cargo insurance up to EUR 200 000
  • Quotation of transport service within15 minutes
  • Dedicated service -24/7, led by a team that respects your needs and identifies with them. At anytime of the day or night, we are able to load and unload the cargo entrusted to us